NU.ER.T. - Rotary Vane Pumps

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Pratical advice to use the pumps

  1. Do not let the pump run dry.
  2. ALWAYS use a filter on the inlet line (100 micron at least).
  3. Always use a softener in the inlet line to avoid limestone accumulation inside the pump.
  4. During assembly of nipples on the pump, do not allow dope you are using (glue, teflon, or other) to fall into the pump, because it might cause the damaging of carbon components and, as a consequence, pump blocking.
  5. Make sure that alignment between pump axis and motor axis is perfect. For this purpose, check that there are no dents or deformations on the contact surface between motor and pump. V-band clamp must be closed moderately, because an excessive closing might cause misalignment between pump and motor.
  6. Make sure that liquid used is not a chemical weapon for brass (OT-58 or CZ-129), stainless steel (AISI 303) or NBR gaskets. Verify that liquid does not have debris content. Avoid that liquid temperature exceeds 50°C (for higher temperatures, ask for viton gaskets).
  7. If it is a long time that your pump does not work, maybe limestone and other minerals might block it up. Before using it again, we suggest to disassemble it from the motor, fill it up with clean water and vinegar (or other type of anti-limestone not granular) and execute some manual rotations till pump turns without difficulty.
  8. Avoid to close the motor and the pump inside machines without appropriate ventilation or air intake. In any case, pump temperature must not exceed 50°C.
  9. Owing to materials dimensional shrinkage, due to low temperatures, pump might block. For this reason avoid to make it work at temperatures lower than 8°C. If you place it in cold rooms, before making it work, make sure it turns freely.
  10. Before assembly of the pump, avoid categorically that abrasive substances or debris (even if of very small dimensions) go into the pump.
  11. In the case of, for assembly reasons, you must block pump using a vice, do it following the scheme:

Schema di bloccaggio con ganasce delle Pompe Rotative