has been dealing with rotary vane pumps
with passion for over 30 years.

Our values

Icona vision


Our vision is to create pumps and pressurization systems that are perfect for our customers’ needs by devising innovative technological solutions, including customized ones, using bio and eco-compatible materials in order to fully satisfy our customers’ requests.

icona mission


By striving to excel on a daily basis, we listen to and understand the needs of our customers and support them with flexibility to develop and supply cutting-edge products that respect both humans and the environment.

and design

We offer a range of pumps available in the catalog, but one of our strengths is the customization and design of pumps according to customer specifications. Contact us and let us know your needs, we will be happy to assess them together.

Main applications

Founded in 1988, NUERT manufactures and sells self-priming vane pumps for the following main applications: espresso coffee machines, reverse osmosis systems, cooling systems, misting systems.

You can use our pumps for the food, beverage, industrial, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors.

Our attention to
the product:

We constantly follow the evolution of your requests and the regulations regarding the application sectors in order to continuously improve:






QUALITY is a daily commitment to continuous improvement.

The goal of the NUERT company is to create products that satisfy all customer needs thanks to the use of the best raw materials and a constant quality control system. We also make use of a rigorous control of our suppliers who are a fundamental part of the quality certification process.


Our company
and our dealers
around the world

Our headquarters and production plant are located in Pordenone, from which we export our products all over the world directly or through our dealers.

Our reference markets, apart from Europe, are China, the U.S., Canada, Latin America and Russia.


Constant evolution
of products and technologies

The evolution of technology and materials, as well as of the production processes, have allowed us to constantly improve our products and expand our range of pumps:


Start of production of mechanical seal pumps, PR series


Range extension: self-priming pumps up to 1,000 liters/hour, PRG series


Production of compact hydraulic pumps, PRM series


Magnetic drive pumps, MAG-PR and MAG-PRG series


Recirculating pumps with low energy consumption and variable speed


Micro pumps for coffee machines for household use


The new products are developed to meet your production sustainability needs and with recyclable materials.

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