Positive displacement vane pumps with mechanical seal

Positive displacement vane pumps with mechanical seal

A solution that for decades has been a guarantee of simplicity and reliability

The vane pump technology allows the liquid to be pressurized with differential pressures up to 18 bar or simply to transfer or keep different types of fluids circulating.

One of the main advantages of our pumps is to have a constant flow rate, even when the pressure rises considerably. This involves many benefits and absolute control over the performance of your machine.

Positive displacement pumps are self-priming. This means that they can suck liquid even without inlet pressure and even if not under head.

The materials used for the rotating parts are self-lubricating and guarantee limited wear without the need to use oil or grease in contact with the liquid.

The main advantages of this technology are:

Self-lubricating materials

Constant flow


Outlet pressure up to 18 bar

Flow rate up to 2,400 liters/hour

Wide range of materials available

Small size

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