Pumps for cooling circuits

Pumps for cooling circuits

Circulation pump for cooling systems using coolants or soda.

Our pumps are used so that liquids circulate to cool or heat systems or machines, pushing the fluid through a heat exchanger connected to a refrigeration circuit.

NUERT industrial pumps, thanks to their special technology, make the fluid circulate continuously on the closed circuit and overcome the pressure drops due to the pipes and the heat exchanger, guaranteeing a constant flow rate even on very long circuits.

Research and the use of new technologies lead to surprising results in terms of energy saving and reliability.


Discover our low energy consumption magnetic drive pumps for circulation systems.


Main uses our pumps for cooling systems are suitable for: Soda recirculation (already carbonated drinks), cooling circuits for laboratory machines, cooling systems for laser machines, data center cooling, industrial cooling systems, solar thermal recirculation pumps.

Perfect seal

Ten years of experience has allowed us to develop magnetic drive pumps that guarantee a perfect seal with difficult liquids such as glycol, demineralized water, coolants and fluids mixed with gas bubbles.

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