MAG-PRG pumps
MAG-PRG pumps

Magnetic drive vane pumps

MAG-PRG pumps

Magnetic drive pump to achieve even better goals

These pumps combine the typical advantages of positive displacement vane pumps with magnetic drive technology.

They are characterized by the lack of a rotating mechanical seal, and they guarantee excellence retention, without any leaks or dripping even with difficult liquids.

A magnetic coupling transmits motion from the electric motor to the pump and replaces the classic mechanical system, so that the pump shaft is not in contact.

These electric pumps are self-priming and have greater efficiency due to less mechanical friction. Reliability and durability have increased compared to the models with mechanical seal.

They are ideal for handling chemical or aggressive liquids, especially as low energy consumption recirculation pumps.

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Areas of application

Perfect for applications in cooling systems, soda recirculation, chemical liquid transfer pumps, solar systems, reverse osmosis systems, ...

Performance and

MAG-PRG pumps are available with the following flow rates:

500 l/h
600 l/h
800 l/h
1080 l/h

The flow rate values refer to a rotation speed of 1,400 rpm. For speeds of 1,725 rpm a 20% increase must be taken into account.

The maximum pressure that can be achieved is 14 bar and it depends on the type of magnet chosen.

Product performance chart

Available materials:

Depending on your needs, you can choose different construction materials for your pump:


  • NeFeB rare earths
  • Samarium-Cobalt SmCo

pump body:

  • AISI303 stainless steel

Available seals:

  • NBR nitrile rubber
  • EPDM thermopolymer
  • FKM fluorinated rubber
  • Silicon rubber
Available options

With normal bypass valve

With balanced bypass valve

Without bypass valve

Electric motorization

Depending on the application, we can supply the pump equipped with different types of electric motors, with the following options:

- 110 or 230 V, 50 or 60Hz single-phase power supply
- 12 or 24 V DC power supply
- power from 180 to 750 W
- for continuous or discontinuous service

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