Pumps for water purification

Pumps for water purification

The ideal solution for water filtration systems

Our pumps are widely used for water purification systems and make the water potable and drinkable in complete safety, also making it pure to be used in industrial applications where water without any mineral residues is required.

The most commonly used technologies are reverse osmosis systems and micro filtration systems.


Find the most suitable vane booster pump for your osmosis system by choosing from our PR series and PRG series water pumps.
Based on the constructive choices of the system, the pump can be equipped with bypass or without bypass.

Domestic plants

NUERT pumping units are perfect as booster pumps on under-base or under the sink reverse osmosis systems for domestic use. The pressurization pump pushes the water against the osmotic membrane and triggers the water purification process.

Home appliances

An increasing use of filtration pumps involves industrial dishwashers that, thanks to rinses with demineralized water, prevent the formation of limescale drops during the drying phase.

Car wash

The same advantages are also obtained on car wash systems where the pump feeds the reverse osmosis purifier, which treats the water before the final rinse of the car.

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