PIL pumps
PIL pumps

Positive displacement vane pumps with mechanical seal

PIL pumps

The only one on the market with a IN_LINE inlet and outlet, perfect for optimizing fluid dynamics and simplifying your hydraulic circuits

The PIL series vane pumps represent an innovation compared to historical market standards.

NUERT is the only company to produce this special version with a IN_LINE inlet and outlet, characterized by more linear fluid dynamics that allows you to design more compact and simpler systems.

They are self-priming, with noiseless performance, excellent flow rate and pressure performance, and a very small overall size. Low vibrations.

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Areas of application

Pumps perfect for applications in reverse osmosis systems for domestic use, nebulizer systems, mosquito repellent systems, water dispensers, carbonation.

Performance and

PIL pumps are available with the following flow rates:

60 l/h
100 l/h
150 l/h
200 l/h
300 l/h
350 l/h
400 l/h

The flow rate values refer to a rotation speed of 1,400 rpm. For speeds of 1,725 rpm a 20% increase must be taken into account.

The maximum pressure that can be achieved is 18 bar.

Product performance chart

Available materials

Depending on your needs, you can choose different construction materials for your pump:

Pump body:

  • Brass CW617 (Pb <1.8%)

Available seals:

  • NBR nitrile rubber
  • EPDM thermopolymer
  • FKM fluorinated rubber
Available options

Without bypass valve

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