Thanks from the ASD POLISIGMA board of directors


Thanks from the ASD POLISIGMA board of directors

Many thanks from the ASD POLISIGMA board of directors

Good morning everyone

Financially supporting an amateur sports club means, first and foremost, espousing a cause. For this reason, we don't like to call you sponsors, a term we consider reductive: you are friends. Companies, people, activities that believe in what we do and have decided to give us a hand so that we can do it better and better.

We work, with passion, commitment and professionalism, to offer our young people an opportunity for growth, personal even more than sporting, in a healthy environment, in adequate facilities, with trained coaches. So that the values of sport can accompany our boys and girls on their life path. Let us sow a seed to help conscious, strong-willed, sincere and passionate women and men flourish.

Without you all this would not be possible: the thanks we extend to you are sincere, full of affection and gratitude, filled with that sense of lightness that pervades you when you feel you have been able to get your message across. We, with you, have succeeded; that is why you are at our side.

It has been an intense season, made complicated at times by the pandemic, but we have not stopped. Never. We achieved magnificent results: for basketball, the promotion to the C Silver Series with the first team, a championship never reached by our club, the provincial titles with the Under 16 and 17 teams on the podium at regional level, the splendid championship of our boys in the First Division; for volleyball, the second provincial place for the Under 12 team and a good championship for the Under 14, Under 16 and First Division. A year we won't forget, although we are already looking to the future.

Because playing sport, at least as we intend to do it, means planning: choosing, for the good of the club, the members, the territory. Choosing, also for you, who accompany us on this path. We will not stop: we have many ideas and many dreams, we will continue to work seriously and methodically. We are driven by passion, our guiding star, we share it with you.

Thank you!